Mobile Spray Tanning: My New Favourite Beauty Service


I love being tanned but I hate leaving my house. Ya feel me? So when I found this service that comes to your house and spray tans you I knew I would be obsessed. Also, I live in kind of an awkward city for mobile services aka they are almost never offered here. Anyways I just wanted to share this with ya’ll because it’s offered in Toronto as well and I loved my experience so much. I’m already booking my spray tan for my bday 🙂

As you can see by the photo’s above this amazing human came to my house, set up all her stuff and gave me the spray tan of my dreams. There was no funky smell and no awkward chit chat. She was super professional, friendly and easy going! And she came super prepared and answered all my questions. She prepped me for my tan too, which was great. Here’s all the info:

Toronto babes:
Durham babes:

Super affordable and easy. If you and a couple of friends wanna get sprayed together you can get a cheeky discount. And you just book through the link in the profile bios 🙂

So happy tanning ya’ll!!!!

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