#WATF Meet: Super Mom Melissa

Welcome back to another profile in my #WomenAreTheFuture series. Today we’re going to meet super mom Melissa O’Leary! Scroll on to read about her passions, lessons she’s learned from being a mom and how she unwinds after a long day.

Name: Melissa O’Leary
Nickname: Mo/Mel
Age: 25
Occupation: Hairstylist
Location: Cobourg
Socials: @alittlemo_ & @alittlemohair

What’s your current position? How long have you been in this position? Can you give me a brief overview of what it is you do in your work?

I currently work as a hairstylist in Port Hope, Ontario at nir.va.na hair studio/spa. I have been here on and off since 2014. I started out as an apprentice and now I am a licensed stylist. I do most services ranging from cuts, up-dos, and colours.

What would you say most motivates you to do what you do?

Definitely my son. I want to give him the best life possible. He definitely motivates me to be the best I can be.

What are you most excited or passionate about?

My future for sure. I’m so excited to see where life takes me. Being a mom, or working mom I should say, has made me so much more excited to see what the future holds.

What are the goals you most want to accomplish in your work? Not so much the goals that are in your job description, but the goals you hold personally?

I would LOVE to become an educator in the hair industry eventually. From personal experience, continued education is what made me the stylist I am today and I would love to pass that knowledge on to other future hairstylists.

Did you go to post-secondary? Where did you go and what was it like?

I didn’t do post-secondary, however I did complete an apprenticeship within my current salon.

Do you have any key mentors or people who deeply influenced who you are, what you believe in and what you’re committed to in your life?

My boss at work is definitely my main mentor when it comes to my work. In my personal life I really look up to my sister. She is such a hard worker and is such a great mother to my nephew.

Did you have any life-changing experiences that put you on the path that led you to be doing what you’re doing today?

Not really life changing, but eye opening for sure. Being with my boyfriend, he has definitely made me see the true potential in myself. He has made me want to be better and do better. He truly does push me to be the best version of myself and that totally helps.

What is the best piece of advice that somebody has ever given you?

Life is short. Sounds sooooo cliche, however life REALLY is short. The best thing I’ve learned is to not take life too seriously and to just live in the moment.

What would you tell your younger self?

RELAX. Life happens, things happen. Take everyday one day at a time.

What your version of self-care? How do you unwind and recharge?

My favourite self care routine includes going to the gym, going for a tan and then having a bath while drinking a nice glass of wine.

What’s something that most people don’t know about you, but you wish they did?

I’m very very veryyyyy understanding. I’m not the friend who gets mad when you need to bail or reschedule. Sounds so simple but I think a lot of people don’t have these types of friends anymore.

What are you most proud of in your life?

Definitely my son. If you had of asked me this question two years ago, I wouldn’t have an answer for you. But my son makes me so proud every single day.

What would you do differently if you could?

Take my time, slow down and not worry so much about what I should be doing. I think in my late teens/early twenties I was so worried about what the norm was that I stopped focusing on what was good for me.

Do you think being a woman is hard? Why or why not?

It can be for sure

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