Let’s Talk IBS: How I Manage My Symptoms With Probiotics & Why A Healthy Gut Is A Happy Gut

Hiiiiii welcome back to my blog ya’ll. Today I wanted to discuss a topic that’s a little bit different. Beauty begins from within so making sure you’re taking care of your gut is the key to clear skin, less bloating and overall health and wellness.

I just want to be clear here that I am NOT a fitness human. I try my best to eat as healthy as possible but I’m definitely not a professional on the topic or besties with the gym. Though, in 2019 one of my goals is to get back into the fitness scene. But we’ll discuss that in another post!

I’ve struggled with Irritable Bowl Syndrome since I was about 15 years old. If you also struggle with IBS you know how taxing it can be on your mental health. I wanted to share with you 1. How I manage my IBS and 2. How I treat my IBS by giving my gut all the good stuff!

IBS – My Symptoms & Diet

Everyone’s IBS is different! Some days I feel great and other days I’m constantly taking trips to the toilet (TMI I know but I’m just trying to be realistic with ya’ll). My IBS also flares up if I’m stressed, angry, upset or not eating well. Even my hormones play a role in my IBS so my time of the month really hits me hard.

I suffer from:

I know super sexy, right? When I was younger I didn’t really understand why my body was reacting the way it was when I ate certain things. All my friends seemed to be able to eat anything they wanted and be just fine. I was silently struggling.

Gut Health

I finally saw a specialist when I was about 20 years old and I learned so much about my condition, what I should be eating and avoiding and most importantly: how to take care of my gut. So let’s start with this first.

First of all, ladies, probiotics are insanely important in aiding in your vaginal health as well. We don’t talk about this enough. Taking care of your lady bits is super important!!!!!

What else to probiotics do? They are preventative care for UTIs, yeast infections and BV, they strengthen a weakened immune system and help balance the healthy bacteria in your gut. The benefits of taking a probiotic are endless but for the most part having a healthy guy will help you manage your IBS because the good bacteria will aid in your digestion, which in turn will relieve IBS symptoms such as bloating, gas and diarrhea.

Here are some of my favourite probiotics:

My Diet – Do’s & Don’ts

I love food but I’ve had to learn the hard way that a lot of food doesn’t love me. This doesn’t mean that I have to avoid these foods completely. Balance is key. It’s all about 80/20 – I make sure that 80% of the time I’m avoiding the foods that make me sick and eating good healthy options. 20% of the time (usually the weekends) I let myself eat what I want but never over indulge. Also I don’t drink coffee, which may sound crazy to some people. But coffee is your worst enemy if you have IBS!!!!

Here are some of the foods I try to avoid:
-processed foods
-coffee (as stated above) and pop
-dairy (although I do eat yogurt and goat cheese)
-fried/fatty foods
-fruits and vegetables that are acidic or “gassy” like beans and onions

It’s not too difficult honestly. Almond milk is delicious and I don’t really like processed foods anyway. I also try to stick to whole wheat breads and pasta’s and I eat a moderate amount of soluble fibre.

Let’s Talk About WELO

I found this awesome brand that make delicious probiotic drinks and snacks for people like me who struggle with IBS. It can be hard to find on-the-go food that won’t upset my tummy. I love their products so much and wanted to share some of my favourites with you! You can shop their products here!

I love their probiotic bars for on the go snacking. They taste great unlike a lot of the “healthy” bar options I’ve tried. My personal favourite is the peanut butter chocolate bar mmmmmm. They also have probiotic cold-press, probiotic apple cider vinegar drinks and probiotic ferment drinks.

Here’s a little snippet from their website about why probiotics are so important even if you don’t struggle with IBS:

To Conclude…

I hope you enjoyed this little blog post. Just to be clear – WELO did not sponsor this post and all opinions are my own. I just wanted to share their products as they have really helped me with my own IBS. I hope you guys enjoyed this! I want to do more lifestyle posts in the future.

Let me know what else you want to see from me in this category.

And, as always, thank you for reading.


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